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There’s two basic divides of paleo followers, in my experience, those who (like me) just go “It seems obvious and logical to eat as much food as we can just go out and hunt and gather, the way we did for vast majority of our existence, rather than a lot of processed food that was mostly invented so we could eat more, not better*” and then there’s the pseudoscience whackjobs who spout shit about gluten and dangerous chemicals like methylcobalamin (vitamin B12) and pantothenic acid.

That’s pretty much it. I try to buy whole meats, vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices, and I try to cook with just that as much as possible (avoiding bulking stuff up with pastas, breads, etc), making my own sauces from scratch when feasible, etc. I refer to it as “paleolike” because let’s be fair, I also have the distinct advantage of being able to take a quick trip to the market and get almost anything I want from anywhere in the world in whatever quantity I want.

To me, the idea is to use the modern conveniences we have to eat better, whereas I think a lot of the first world uses convenience to eat a lot. Walking also doesn’t hurt. We have all these amazing ingredients available to us and we choose to eat Taco Bell and Hot Pockets and stuff. It’s just gross to me.

Yep, that’s exactly right, which is why I think it’s amusing that a bunch of people are all over this thread (and every paleo thread) talking about what bullshit it is and every goddamn website in the world wants to go on and on about how stupid it is. There’s hardly a doctor or nutritionist in the world that would tell you that eating whatever packaged, preserved, processed, fast food bullshit you can grab is the best choice of action for your diet, heh, and none of the “debunking” articles actually say that the diet is bad for you (assuming you’re doing it somewhat appropriately, not just trying to live off green peppers and two pounds of steak every day) they just want to talk a bunch of shit about “well actually these tribes were known to grind these grains between rocks and soak them in water for four days so AHA! CHECKMATE PALEO! Apparently now we can’t get into ketosis and we’re back to pizza!

I don’t eat “paleo” in the strict sense; I drink beer and wine, I will not refuse buffalo wings or a slice of pizza if I’m out and about with people and they want to split something, I sometimes make a sandwich or rice noodles or even, rarely, a pasta. To me the idea is to get people who have been raised almost exclusively on packaged shit from the day they were born back into a lifestyle of actually using single ingredients to make things and actually cooking, while avoiding a bunch of additives, artificial flavors, grains that have little actual value other than “filling you up,” etc. It’s a valuable skill, it’s definitely healthier, it’s fantastic as a social skill (assuming you don’t rant about how paleo is the best thing in the world the entire time) because EVERYBODY loves to go to somebody’s house and hang out if they know they’re going to get a no shit good meal, not to mention the benefits in dating and romance.

Just take the good things and leave the whackjob shit. At the root of it, regardless of why people are eating a certain way, people on paleo are almost certainly doing better by themselves than the average obese Pop Tart puffin waddling around.

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