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I attended to a university out of town a couple of years back.
Around Christmas times, I was headed back to my home town by train. I was running late, so I ended up having to sprint to get to the last train of the day. During my sprint, I met a classmate, who ended up keeping me with company on the duration of the trip. We took the train, and had to unexpectedly get off and take the bus instead of a number of train stops because of trouble with the tracks.
With time to kill, me and my friend went to a corner shop and bought a bit of food and drink. He paid first, so he walked out of the shop first, as well, and chose the bus we got on, out of four different buses. I walked over, and since he was standing in front of me and the bus driver checked his ticket first, he also chose our seats on the bus.
We took our seats, and a couple of minutes later, I notice this gorgeous blonde sitting in the seats in front of us, with her back turned to us. She’s currently my GF, we’ve been together for a year and been living together for 11 months. Things couldn’t have been better between us.
We talk about it from time to time; “what if I hadn’t met my friend that day?”
It might have been worded poorly, but I noticed her when we got on the bus. She was listening to music with ear buds, something I saw very clearly. After the bus started driving, me and my mate started talking about God-knows-what; something along the lines of existentialism, mathematics and being alone in the universe, versus intelligent life forms existing within realistic range of us to visit us/vice versa (obviously in an attempt to seem intelligent, mysterious, and cool)
Anyway, suddenly I notice that she’s shuffling in her seat and she moves her head between the seats. I also notice that her head is turned to right, and her ear bud is gone. I suspect it’s to listen to what we’re talking about, but I’m not sure, so I throw out a bait: “If anyone were listening to us talk right now, I wonder what they’d think.”
A couple of seconds go by, and she raises her hand in an awkward fashion, and says in a low voice: “I kinda think it’s interesting…”
We ended up talking for the rest of the bus trip, the following train trip, and when we were about to split up (it was getting late), we went out for a beer.
We didn’t exchange names, though. We didn’t know each other’s names until 3 months later. We just called each other “stranger” for the duration. We went on dates, watched movies, ate food and talked and drank together as perfect equals. We didn’t talk about ourselves, just our opinions on anything and everything.
We only had each others phone number. We texted back and forth, with the trust in one another to not check the name by searching for the number.
By far the most coincidental thing to happen during all this is when she moved literally a five minute walking distance from where I’d been living for the last 15 years, ever since I moved to this country.
Anyway, we’re living together now, as we’ve been doing for the better part of a year (some 11 months). We’re as happy as could be!

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